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For Method (3), the optimal Craftsmanship level is 776, as this amount gives 109 progress per CS II.Thus, it reduces the need of one Flawless Syn. You will only need 1110 progress from MaMa+FS, and can still complete the item with 3x CS II after the FS's.

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99 Silver Ore; Silver Ore is the only thing with value here, and luckily it’s near the levequest area so you can farm that while regenerating GP. Elemental stones are usually used in Supply Missions. IF Grinding: Silver Ore. Mining Level 26-30. Mining Quest Level 30: 15 High Quality Wyvern Obsidian

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For extra detail, specifically, Im trying to mine Aurum Regis Ore. Thanks in advance!Each folklore tome you receive corresponds to different legendary nodes. Since you're looking for aurum regis ore, the tome you want is called the Tome of Geological Folklore - Dravania.

If you are a Mythrite Ore you can also gather at the Diadem so you can try aiming with Steel Sky Pirate Spoil that can be replaced with Mythrite Nugget. Darksteel Rivets, Darksteel Ingot. A lot of Darksteel series are required as well. Since it is easier to obtain Darksteel Ore here in the Diadem, you may try aiming with the Mythrite Ore.

Game: Final Fantasy : A Realm Reborn…Regarding FFXIV Guides. - Guides will be updated only until I complete the related in-game content. - Guide content is applicable to the stated patch number. Почему латинское название золота aurum, а серебра… Латинское слово aurum означает "желтый", а перевод с латыни argentum - белый, блестящий. Другими словами это просто название металла по его цвету, никаких хитростей и заковырок.Почему латинское название золота "аурум", а серебра "аргентум"? Летописи Тамриэля: Morrowind & Oblivion | Каталог Русскоязычный сайт о The Elder Scrolls, CRPG-серии от Bethesda.