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Frames allow procedures called demons to be attached to their slots greatly ... Keywords: ako, default facet in a frame, demon, if_added demon, if_removed demon ... Documentation for the frame language used in this example is available (but ... The AI Dictionary - Computer Science and Engineering Jun 24, 2012 ... There are quite a number of possible orderings that could be used: ... demon: A demon is a facet of a slot in a frame which causes some action ... What's a slot?

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Most FRSs store not only the values of slots within a given frame, but they store meta information about each slot that describes general properties of how the slot will be used in the KB. These slot properties are often called facets; facets are in a sense ``slots on slots'' because facets store a set of named values that are associated with a ...

The OKBC Knowledge Model includes constants, frames, slots, facets, ... For precise description of the model, the KIF language (see section about KIF) is used. 6 Frames - Amzi! The frame has multiple slots used to define the various attributes of the object. The slots can have multiple facets for holding the value for the attributes, ...

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Slots facts are a fun way to know online slots better. Slots in general have a long history in USA. Gambling, although it has faced a lot of opposition from time immemorial, has been part of the grain of Americans. Slots as we know them now on haven’t always existed. Пример 15.31. Использование функции slot-facets Рис. 15.28.Использование функции slot-facets. Следующая группа функций предназначена для определения значений отдельных свойств и граней заданных слотов. Функция slot-sources возвращает список названий классов, которые использовались при наследовании граней... WANNASLOTS.COM - Slots Myths And Facts